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He is Faithful

"being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

I was born in Jaipur in a Christian family. My parents took good care of me and they raised me up in the fear of The Lord. But there was always an emptiness in my life, there was something that I was always missing in my life. When I was studying in class 11 I started to mingle with some bad boys in my class, and ended up in smoking and drinking, But God has His own ways to choose people for His kingdom. In class 12th, my class group had a serious fight with another group of boys from another school. The fight was so severe that we ended up in a police case. But God saved me from that incident.

One important thing I noticed in that fight when the other guys were beating me to death no one came to rescue me even some of my best friends were watching me standing there. This thing really made me so upset.

When this entire thing happened to me, my family also got so upset, because in my family's lifetime no policeman came to our house. But I put them in shame. I was so upset and was about to give up on my life. But when Ever I used to spent time alone only one thing used to run in my mind..... Pray to Jesus He can fix everything....

When I started praying to Jesus in my lonely time, I noticed after some time everything started changing in my life. My name was no more in that Police case and my life was in peace. Through this, Jesus taught me that though everyone may leave you but I will never leave you... Since then He is my Best friend.

In June 2002, I got a chance to go in a youth camp, which was organized my Campus Crusade in Mussoorie.

There on 29 June 2002 I gave my Life to Jesus and accepted him as my personal savior and Lord. On that very day, I decided to go for full-time ministry. Then for 2 years I ministered in Jaipur as an evangelist, I used to distribute tracts into the marketplace inside the local buses; me and my friend Prabhat we covered almost every part our city and distributed tracts there. We used to walk around 15 to 20 Km every day no matter what we face whether it is summer or winter. I really enjoyed that time.

Before accepting Christ in my life I was nowhere in Music. But since I gave my life to Jesus I prayed to him "Lord if you would teach me how to sing and play music instruments I will use them for your glory alone." And since then God started blessing me with the gift of singing and Playing Musical Instruments for His glory.

Today I sing and Praise Him with all that I know...

In 2004 God gave me the privilege to go for my Bible studies in Bangalore. There in the month of September, we had Spiritual Emphasis week in our college during those meetings God touched me once again and filled me with Holy Spirit. I graduated in the year 2008 with my M.div. From Southern Asia Bible College. Now I am heading StutiAradhna Ministries, Helping young people and churches through word and worship.

I believe that God has chosen me for a very special purpose that he is soon going to fulfill through this Life.

Ashley O. Joseph

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