Born to Worship - Annual Worship Seminar

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Born to Worship

Born to worship is our annual worship seminar. The vision behind it to train worship leaders in the local church and giving them practical, technical and theological training in worship.

In book of Acts Chapter 16 verse 16 onwards we read that Paul and Silas were in prison and as they were there, the bible tells us that in that situation they were not worried and or anything like that  (v.25) but they were praying and singing hymns to God. This is incredible and significant for all of us to learn. And as you read on in verse 26 you will find suddenly there was an earthquake and the foundations of the prison were shaken. 

In your city, in my city we have many strong hold where there are many souls have been captive under the power and authority of the enemy. And I believe when we worship our God in truth and spirit, with prayer and thanksgiving the same thing will happen in our city as well. The foundations will be shaken, Iron doors will be opened, and captives will be set free from their bondages.

We were created to worship God but because of Sin and separation from God we lost it. Our vision is to help people to worship God with not just the song but through their life and in every situation. 

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