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Mai Teri Stuti Karoonga - Song of the week 17 [Ashley Joseph]

As I sing this song I pray that may The Lord keep you and give you much faith to keep trusting Him in all the difficult times of your life. Just know that he will never leave you and forsake you because if He wanted to do that He wouldn't have saved you in first place. So just know that He is working for you and making your future bright while you go through all the tough roads of your life. God Bless you.

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Tu Pavitra (We Fall Down) - Song of the week 16 [Ashley Joseph]

We all know this beautiful song "We fall Down" and this song is a great worship song, declaring the beauty and holiness of our Lord. Now in this video I am doing a hindi version f this song. I hope you will sing and learn it with me.  God bless you all.

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Yeshu naam mila - Song of the week 15 [Ashley Joseph]

Its the name is Jesus that saves us and changes everything in our lives. "Yeshu naam mila mera jeevan sawar gaya" is a beautiful song originally written and composed by Pastor Anil Kant. I hope you will learn and enjoy this song.  God Bless you

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Tali baja ker - Song of the week 14 [Ashley Joseph]

Many times when things go wrong or life is difficult, you just need pause and worship Him and you will see the dark clouds will fade away. Worship and thanks giving brings deliverance and freedom. I hope you will enjoy this song. Blessings.

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Tera Lahu Paak kerta hai - Song of the week 13 [Ashley Joseph]

"Tera Lahu Paak kerta hai" is powerful song sung by Pastor Subhash Gill I hope you will enjoy this song and use if for the glory of God. Blessings. facebook 

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Mahima Mahima Jai Yeshu ki - Song of the week 12 [Ashley Joseph]

"Mahima Mahim jai Yeshu ki" Also known as Hallelujah Hallelujah jai Yeshu ki. Beautiful song to learn for worship. I hope you will enjoy this song. facebook 

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Hallelujah Stuti Karenge - Song of the week 11 [Ashley Joseph]

"Hallelujah stuti akrenge" is a very common song that has boon sung in the Hindi church for years and also one of my favourite. I hope you will enjoy this song.

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Aur Chahiye - Song of the week 10 [Ashley Joseph]

Aur Chahiye is a very powerful song originally sung by Pastor Subhash Gill. I hope you will enjoy this song.

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Aasmani Khushi se - Song of the week 09 [Ashley Joseph]

I don't remember how many we have sung this song but I do remember every time we have felt an awesome presence of God. I believe you all will be blessed by this song.  Please share, Like and subscribe...

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Aasma pe nazer aaye - Song of the week 08 [Ashley Joseph]

"Aasma pe nazer aaye" is originally sung by sister Reena Kant and written by Ps Anil Kant. It's a powerful song of worship and prayer. I hope you will enjoy this.  please like and subscribe if you like this video.

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