Here at Stutiaradhna we are committed to help Hindi Church and Worship leaders around the world grow in their worship and musical gifts, and walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.

We believe that worship has a great power to break strong holds in and around our lives. Whenever you come on your knees and lift up your voice to praise His Holy Name, the enemy and all the forces of darkness losses its control. When you sing the songs of Praise, Freedom and Delieverance, the Spirit of God moves in our midst doing mighty things according to His promisses. 

So never stop Praising Him. Even in your darkest hour come to Him in Worship and adoration. Spend time daily reading His Word.  And Live a life as Jesus said in Metthew 5:16 "In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven."





Every week we bring new blog, Song Lyrics, Song of the week and so much more for you. So that you can continue to grow in the Lord and learn more.

Mai Teri Stuti Karoonga - Song of the week 17 [Ashley Joseph]

As I sing this song I pray that may The Lord keep you and give you much faith to keep trusting Him in all the difficult times of your life. Just know that he will never leave you and forsake you because if He wanted to do that He wouldn't have saved you in first place. So just know that He is working for you and making your future bright while you go through all the tough roads of your life. God Bless you.

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Tu Pavitra (We Fall Down) - Song of the week 16 [Ashley Joseph]

We all know this beautiful song "We fall Down" and this song is a great worship song, declaring the beauty and holiness of our Lord. Now in this video I am doing a hindi version f this song. I hope you will sing and learn it with me.  God bless you all.

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Yeshu naam mila - Song of the week 15 [Ashley Joseph]

Its the name is Jesus that saves us and changes everything in our lives. "Yeshu naam mila mera jeevan sawar gaya" is a beautiful song originally written and composed by Pastor Anil Kant. I hope you will learn and enjoy this song.  God Bless you

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Tali baja ker - Song of the week 14 [Ashley Joseph]

Many times when things go wrong or life is difficult, you just need pause and worship Him and you will see the dark clouds will fade away. Worship and thanks giving brings deliverance and freedom. I hope you will enjoy this song. Blessings.

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